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The New mRNA Vaccine


This is information on what they are calling the Covid Vaccine being strongly promoted to be taken.

I put it in terms of it being called that because it actually is not a vaccine in the sense we have used the word until now. To understand this, let’s first look at what vaccines have been until now.

Prior Vaccines

The initial idea which began with a vaccine against Smallpox is that if you were to use a virus that somewhat different than the one that usually causes the disease it would bring about immunity without causing illness. How could this be? A virus is a living entity and will adapt itself to work efficiently in whatever context if finds itself in. If a virus that is similar, in another animal, is used, that virus does not grow so well in human as it did in the animals. Yes, it will adapt itself with time and become more effective in causing illness in humans but that usually does not happen if it does  grow well in the first place. 

This was the method with Smallpox in that the virus used was from cows and called Cowpox. Think of it like a cousin. 

Modified Live Viruses

A further development of this method evolved which was taking the disease virus and putting it into another animal and working with it so that it could grow there. Then the virus adapted to the animal as described above. Once that had happened the same method could be used, to take the modified virus and put it back into humans.

In addition to putting into animals another method was to grow it in tissue cultures in the laboratory. This would be on cells from another animal — cow, mouse, etc. 

Killed Viruses

If the above method did not work, or was too difficult, another strategy that came about was to grow the virus, unchanged in terms of causing disease, but to be used as a vaccine it was first killed. By “killed” is meant usually adding a chemical to the mix that caused the virus to be unable to grow any more. 

The complication that arose with this method was injecting this killed virus mix did not always work real well. The first method, above, the virus would actually grow in the tissues and reach a large number. In the killed virus they did not grow and so what was put it could be considered insignificant by the immune system. To compensate, other substances, like mercury, would be added which did activate the immune system. They would be poisons that caused more damage to the area of injection thus activating a response.

The New Vaccine

These new “vaccines” coming out now do not fit either category, so they are an entirely new method never used before. What they do is to inject just a small part of the disease virus, that part that creates the outer spikes on the surface of the virus. What this means is that the disease virus interior has what is called RNA which is similar to what you know as DNA. This is basically the instruction manual for how the virus works. We don’t need to go into what the difference is between RNA and DNA. Not important. What to communicate here is that a piece of this instruction RNA is what it used for the new method.

How a Virus Works

To understand this we need to look at how a virus grows in the cell. The disease virus has this interior RNA and it is enclosed in a covering with these little spikes sticking out (if you have seen the pictures). When the virus gets in, these little spikes of protein are what attaches to the human cells and allows the little intruder to get into the cell. That is their function. 

When the virus is attached, the spikes induce the cell to foolishly take in the virus interior content, the RNA. Once in, the RNA takes over the machinery of the cell and uses this ability to generate more copies of itself — thousands, millions. 

In the process of growing new viruses, part of what happens is that the human cell is made to produce large numbers of the spike protein which then move out and are deposited on the surface of the human cell. Then when the virus RNA copy, the new ones made, are finished, they move to the surface of the cell and covers themselves, as they move out, in the cell membrane with all the spikes in it. Thus the complete new virus is made and released. 

The Immune Reaction

You can see from this description how difficult it is for the immune system to deal with it. If it were a bacterial infection, the bacteria are floating around in the blood and tissue fluid. Because of this they can be recognized by antibodies that are also in the blood and tissues. The antibody combines with the bacteria and prevent it from growing. However, when it is a virus infection, the action is happening inside the cell and the antibodies cannot get to it. 

The immune system, long ago, adapted to this by using a different method than antibody. You have likely heard of T-cells or Killer cells. These are immune cells that have learned to recognized the virus spikes and they go out looking for the cells that have these spikes on their surface. Basically, the virus-infected cells is recognized by the change of its surface membrane. 

So it is actually these cells that are the primary immune defense against virus infections, much more effective and important than antibody. 

The mRNA Vaccine

Now that we understand the process, we can look at the new immunization process. The use of the small “m” in front of RNA only means that the cell will respond to it by making copies. It is basically RNA as mentioned above. The virus RNA can be a fairly long strand which is made up of various instructions for processes, what we would call genes. It is one of these genes that is responsible for the spike protein. 

The idea with this new method is that the one gene for the spike protein is isolated and used. It is covered with something that will induce the cell to take it in. Then the mixture injected. 

Once it is in the tissues, just like the disease virus, it is taken into the cells and gives instruction for the cell to begin producing these spikes that will then be put on that cell membrane. As described above, there will be Killer cells that recognize this and kill the cells as their natural immune function. 


As said above, this is an entirely new method. It seems clever, but that does not guarantee how it will go. Let’s consider this.

  • Do we know that what has been selected for use, the RNA fragment, is only the spike protein? There is no description of how this is decided. It is even questionable if the virus RNA has been isolated. 
  • There has been some suggest that the RNA fragment is not even from this covid virus, but another prior strain.
  • If there is more RNA than what specifies the spike protein, what effect will it have?
  • When the material is injected as a “vaccine”, do we know what cells will be affected? What if it gets into cells that are then destroyed by the Killer cells aud it turns out these cells are really important?
  • Do we know if this process, that is initiated in this way, will have a limited life? Or will it continue on for the life of that individual, cells constantly being induced to produce this protein?
  • Since this method of putting the RNA fragment in, the covering of it, etc., this not being a natural method, will it have different effects than we anticipate?
  • If the RNA fragment is from a prior strain of virus, and there is already immunity to that strain (from  prior epidemics) will that confuse the immune response if later that is actual infection from the current strain?

Well, we could go on but you can see there are questions that should be considered, The past testing of vaccines that have been developed, before they are used, is quite extensive, usually over a year or so. This is because it was discovered that it is possible for a developed vaccine to induce antibody and what seems to be immunity, as expected, but when tested it does not go well. It can seem, by all parameters, that the vaccine is effective but when the animals that were given the vaccine, and presumably immune, were now given the infection the vaccine was supposed to prevent, they were surprisingly more susceptible and most would die. It is this problem as to why there is still no AID’s vaccine. They have not figured out how to solve it. You can see why testing is important. Well, perhaps the current test in 6 billion people will give us what we need.