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Reported June 11 from a medical colleague — 

Just wanted to let you know I am quite sure I had the v thing.  

My symptoms started sometime early afternoon with head pain over the back and top of my head, then neck, back and other muscle pain, clogged sinuses, sore throat and overwhelming feeling of tiredness.  I laid down on the couch before 8:00 P.M. because I just needed a nap.  (This was Saturday of Memorial weekend – May 23, 2020)  The pains were the type you know you are coming down with an illness – not from overdoing. I had gone on a run for 20 some minutes that morning and a lot of walking, and then raking of tree leaves, but this wasn’t from that. I know the difference.

I was busy doing things after I awoke from the nap, but the pains were worsening so I decided to take a dose at midnight (Nux vomica 30c) and go to bed – not wanting to get into any deep respiratory issues.  I can honestly say I have had worse symptoms before with upper respiratory stuff, but wasn’t going to wait to find out if that were going to happen.

When I woke up the next morning, the headache was gone, the neck and back pain were pretty much gone, barely a sore throat.  About 10:00 a.m. I felt like the headache may still have a slight lingering effect and the throat so I repeated one dose in water succussing the solution and taking a dropperfull.  I can truly say in less than 4 hrs after the second dose and probably more like one hour,  I was 100 % over it.  No lingering effects.  So over it in about 11 hrs post the first dose of the remedy.🤗  So quite impressive.  

Thank you for your detailed notes and your reportorizations months back. Nux so fits the symptoms of the disease.

Note added: She is still well now, June 29.