I wish to share with you my considerations about the recent advisement from health and government officials of the intention to have mass, perhaps mandatory, vaccinations. This will not be a scientific piece in the usual sense as the view I want to take is stepping further back and looking at the overall dynamic, how it functions. What I mean is that it is easier for us to understand the situation if we don’t get caught up in too much detail. I think of it like explaining to someone how to drive a car. You can say to them that turning the car involves rotating the wheels with a series of gears and cables (all described) vs. just showing them how turning the steering wheel does it.

You will notice the misspelling of the word in the title and I did that purposefully as a number of posts about this topic, using the indicated word, have been taken down from Facebook. I have the naïve idea that spelling it this way may prevent that. As a further precaution, rather than using the word in what follows I will use the letters “VX” instead. When I went through my graduate work at Washington State University, in the department of microbiology, the focus of my study and research was on immunology and virology. It was fascinating, and I took away some understanding I will share with you.


If you are presented with the idea of this procedure for the first time you likely will be impressed with the cleverness of it. A wonderful capability of the immune system is to literally learn how to recognize a germ (virus, bacteria, fungus, whatever) and to remember it. This was a step beyond the basic idea of having resistance to disease. Not only is there resistance but, as well, a record could be made of it in case of future encounters with the same germ. This is amazing, isn’t it?

To put it in more human terms, the immune system is able to identify and then remember the encounter. It is a form of memory. This mechanism is explained in terms of certain cells of the immune system processing some piece of the virus or other germ, presented to them, and to make a specific protein molecule that goes out in the blood and attaches to the offending buggers. These we call antibodies. They don’t really inactivate (kill) the virus or bacteria directly but rather act as a flag to the cells that have this purpose that are circulating all through the blood and the body at all times. It brings attention to the germ and it is quickly eliminated. It is like a sign that says “kick me out.”

There are other cells that have a similar function and these are ones that do not produce antibodies but rather go out directly to track down and eliminate the germs. We call these “killer cells.” Let us put these aside for now and concentrate on the ones that make antibodies as that is the goal of using a VX.

Understanding this mechanism, you can understand the idea of a VX is to establish this recognition and memory without having to go through the actual disease. You can see why this is appealing. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. We must first recognize that VX is attempting to mimic a natural process – which means we have to go through the same steps to be the same natural process. So, let us then first consider what the natural disease dynamic is, and this will be our standard to evaluate the VX imitation.


Let us talk viruses to make it simple. If a person comes in contact with another person spewing viruses into the air or leaving secretions on what they touch, then the exposed person will first have the virus come into their body in some way. Often this is through the respiratory process but also can be through the gastro-intestinal tract. In either case, the virus will make contact with the membranes lining those passages. As they are so small they easily penetrate into the tissues. In the healthy person, there are millions or billions of cells waiting just for that to happen and they gobble up the invaders and that is the end of the story. (I posted on this already, calling those cells the guardians.)

The first thing to bring out about this is why the virus sometimes gets through this natural barrier.

There are two primary reasons.
1) There is a large number of viruses coming in, millions, and it is too many for the defender cells to handle.
2) There are not very many defender cells as they have been used up trying to fight air pollution or other stressful, toxic, environmental influences.

The first possibility, exposure to large numbers, is not likely by just coming near someone with the virus infection but is more likely if you were in close association for some time — like caring for them. The second possibility, the weakened state from dealing with other things like contamination from chemicals, pollution, is the most common factor in today’s world. Wouldn’t you think that attention would be given to this? But it is not. Medicine pretty much ignores it and instead focuses on the virus, blaming it for the problem.

Well, let’s assume the viruses get through, at least a significant number. They are in the fluid around the cells, the tissue fluid, and they follow the flow of that fluid as it moves through the tissues and further into the body. You might ask “Why doesn’t the virus just grow in those cells nearby?” The answer is that the virus has an intention, a plan. This is difficult to appreciate but the virus is an intelligent being and it has a plan in mind, so to speak.

You will notice with many diseases that the infection ends up in some part of the body. Like a cold virus will affect the nose, perhaps throat, larynx, maybe the bronchial tubes. In contrast, chicken pox grows in the skin. When you look closely at these diseases you will find that almost always there is a specific area in which they want to grow. So their intention is to reach that part of the body. Yes, they have intention.

From the fluid around the cells where they got in, they then drain to lymph nodes, which are small glands you can feel in your throat, in the arm pits, etc. There are hundreds of lymph nodes all throughout the body, and they contain large numbers of other cells that will try, again, to destroy the virus. So the viruses have to navigate that. If they succeed in going further, they then drain down through the lymph symptom until they finally reach veins in the upper chest where the fluid once again enters the circulation.

So now the viruses are the blood, but not without further challenges. As they circulate they pass through the spleen and liver, both loaded with more cells that will eat them up if they can. But we continue.

If the virus gets through all of this and travels through the blood, it finally gets to the destination where it wants to grow. There it enters the cells and begins to reproduce itself. Meanwhile, the viruses that did not make through all these stages of defense have been eaten by various protective cells. Some of these cells also have the job of taking some of these digested pieces of the virus to specific places in the body where the cells that make antibodies live. These messenger cells actually present the pieces to the antibody making cells for that purpose. They basically say “Here you go. This is the one to work on.” This is amazing, isn’t it?

Can you grasp how intelligent this is that there are cells that know to take a piece of the virus quite some distance away and present the pieces to the cells that know how to make antibodies? I want to emphasize here that this process of taking information to the antibody cells starts as soon as the virus gets into the body and is a continuing process. It takes about a week or so for this to come to completion and for the antibodies to enter the blood.


Now we compare this to the VX. In a word, this extraordinary natural process, just described, is bypassed. There is no original entry, alerting the guardian cells, or starting them in the communication of this invasion to the rest of the immune system. There is no travel of the virus through lymph nodes, spleen, liver, encountering cells in the blood that send off chemicals, alerting the immune system to what is happening, getting it ready.

In contrast, the VX is given by injection and within 10-15 minutes the virus, and other ingredients in the VX, is in the blood circulating. The immune system did not know this was coming. Not only did it not know this, but it has never encountered an infection like this before.

All other infections go through the process described. This is what it has been doing for thousands and thousands of years. It has no experience with this new event and it is completely shocking. To put it in more human terms, it is like you have set up your home to have maximum security, with locked doors and windows, perhaps a wall about the yard, guard dogs, security alarm, etc. So if there is a break-in is you first hear an alarm, hear the dogs barking, see the activity, and be able to prepare for that.

Compare this to the VX process. You have this well-secured house and are sitting in your living room enjoying the evening — only to turn to see a robber sitting in the chair with a gun. How the hell did he get in here? Why didn’t I hear something? This is what it is like for the immune system. There is no warning and suddenly the threatening invader is right there. It has never happened in nature before (until our modern times) and basically our systems are not prepared to deal with it.

The thing to take away from this is that the event is extremely shocking to the immune system. It reacts the best it can, but this is where mistakes happen. In the frantic response, it can identify something in the vaccine (other than the virus) as part of the threat. This can be a protein from the cell culture the virus is grown in, a protein that is normal in your body — like your kidney cells, or collagen (connective tissue) — that is seen as an expression of the invader. Antibodies are made against it.

This is how the auto-immune diseases get started.


We have, so far, set up a model of how the VX process is different and why that can be a problem. There are other negative outcomes possible but we will save that for another discussion.

At this point, I want to communicate a basic context for bringing up other considerations. To reiterate this, the idea here is that we have, as a natural and very sophisticated process, a way to deal with infections and toxic substances that get into the body.

In contrast, the VX practice ignores this natural process and has the arrogance to forcefully challenge the immune system in a way it is not prepared to handle. In a way, it is a lack of respect. It is also not surprising that it is done, as not respecting the natural process is, unfortunately, something that happens frequently.

Until next time…

The vaccine gate



I am scheduled to present an online presentation at a joint homeopathic conference this June. It is a conference, of course on homeopathic medicine and there will be a focus on how epidemics have been, and can now be, treated successfully with the homeopathic method. Those of you that have been following my posts on this topic, addressing the current epidemic, will understand what I am referring to. A recent post, Nux, To The Rescue, is a good demonstration of that in which a young woman is sick for 11 days and within minutes of the first dose of a homeopathic remedy is showing improvement. This is why homeopathy is remarkable and is worth giving attention to.

In this scheduled conference there are several speakers whose topic is the current epidemic and their experience in treating it. Useful information, what? So imagine the surprise that I get an email this morning from the organizers of the conference warning me (and the other speakers) to be careful what they say. Here is an extract from their message which shows what I am talking about —

“…the US Federal Trade Commission and other US Government Agencies have been restricting what can be communicated regarding the treatment or prevention of COVID-19 that do not comply with strict National Institute of Health policies. Consequently, we will need to be very careful about how we communicate during our presentations. We won’t be able to use terms like ‘treatment’ or ‘prevention’, ‘COVID-19’ or ‘coronavirus’.”

Do you understand the significance of this? It is telling us that a professional conference of medical doctors discussing an entirely legal system of medicine cannot say that they either “treat” or “prevent” the disease. Can you imagine the outrage if this was directed to an allopathic conference? That conventional doctors dealing with this virus disease cannot say they have treated it?

How could this come about? We can assume that the message coming from our government is communicating their disapproval of the homeopathic method. They don’t want us to say we are treating it as we will be lying. This is not new. At this point, we are seeing the playing out of allopathic medicine being a monopoly and opposed to all other competing systems. For homeopathy, this started quite some time ago.

Homeopathy was introduced to the US in the very early 1800s by Dr. Burch Gram who had trained in Germany. He treated fellow doctors and converted many of them. As well, the dramatic effectiveness of homeopathy treating epidemics brought many other doctors into the fold. Homeopathy grew steadily and by the middle 1800s, every state had a homeopathic medical school, and 25% of doctors now used this method. The situation changed in 1847. The doctors that had not embraced homeopathy, seeing its continuing development, started an organization to combat homeopathy as well as other forms of medicine such as herbalism, chiropractic, osteopathy, and such like.

From this point, there was continued aggressive movement towards homeopathy culminating in the medical schools having their funding taken away and having to close. The organization was so hostile to homeopathy that if any members even talked to a homeopathic practitioner they would be expelled from the organization. One fellow this happened to, who was expelled from the organization, had committed this serious offense of talking to a homeopathic practitioner — his wife.

What was this organization? It called itself the American Medical Association (AMA).

The result of this process was that allopathic medicine became a monopoly, a state which is actually not accepted in other areas such as industry. However, it has been maintained in medicine. “Wait,” you say “I can get other treatment if I want.” Yes, you can get herbal treatment, homeopathic treatment, etc. — if you are willing to pay out of pocket. They are not covered by insurance and therefore stay on the fringes of the medical system.

A related development has been the incredible growth and power of the drug industry. We are talking billions of dollars. In these days, it is often this industry behind the efforts to eliminate homeopathy. You can see why. It is not unusual that a person, or animal, can be cured with homeopathic treatment of a condition that otherwise would be incurable and require the continued use of medicines for decades. I know of people cured of such, usually incurable, conditions that the total medicinal cost for this cure was less than $10. There would, of course, be the charge of the practitioner but the medicine itself very cheap and also not needing to be continued.

Can you see why this would be a threat to the monopoly?

I can understand that some reading this may think I am exaggerating. Perhaps at some point, more information on the historical success of homeopathy in epidemics can be presented. At this point, I will mention one piece of evidence.

In the 1800s there were very severe, high mortality, epidemics in the US, diseases such as cholera, typhoid, or yellow fever. When the US populace saw the extraordinary results of homeopathic treatment, there was enough fervor to organize the erection of a monument to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. On June 21, 1900, a monument to Hahnemann was erected in Washington, DC, with the attendance of the president of the United States. It is about a 1/2 mile from the White House. It is on a traffic circle, Scott Circle, and is quite impressive to visit. A picture of it is attached here.

hahn monument

It is very large. If I were to be standing in front of it my head would reach the bottom of the chair Hahnemann is sitting on. When we reflect on this and realize very few doctors have monuments like this, you can get some sense of the impact homeopathy had on our culture at that time. Therefore, in closing, when you hear the criticisms of homeopathy and the denial of its effectiveness, realize where it is coming from. And remember that it has been this way since 1847.


Here is a report from one of my medical colleagues:

I just went on quite the roller coaster ride with my daughter being sick in Wisconsin, all alone, and I couldn’t go to her because we’re pretty sure she’s got CoViD. I think she had her first symptoms on Sunday May 17 but I didn’t find out that she was sick until the 20th. Headache, light-headed, confusion, exhaustion, and then I think it was the 21st she lost her sense of smell. Not 100% but greatly reduced, with no congestion. Then she felt a little better on the 22nd and 23d.
May 22 was a Saturday and I got to the PO just in time to express-ship her remedies before they closed at noon.
Then she felt worse on the 25th, yesterday and today (27th). All this time, a week, she sounded horrible on the phone. She sometimes, no, often, couldn’t think straight enough to hold up her end of the conversation.
My remedies didn’t arrive as promised and she finally got them today (27th), two days late. I had her open the package and take a dose of NUX VOMICA 30c while we were on the phone. (She received the remedy on the 27th.)
We continued to chat and in a couple/few minutes, she came back. She sounded alert, she was herself again. (Wow! This stuff never gets old.) Later she texted me that she was trying to find the place to get tested, she was out in her car! I called her this evening (27th) and she really sounds good and says she feels a lot better. Almost 100%. I am so relieved, finally exhaling.
I don’t want to describe the despair I experienced over the last week, but it sure is sweet when it ends. I am relaxing in a way that makes me realize how very tense I’ve been over this.

This is a very good example of the action of a remedy for an epidemic, what we call the genus epidemicus in homeopathy. Specifically, when the remedy is so very suitable for the treatment of the epidemic, it will act 1) very quickly, 2) with one or two doses.
This is in contrast to finding the need to repeat a remedy over and over which indicates a remedy that is not a close enough match to the problem.
Is it not amazing to see a person that has been seriously ill, physically and mentally, for 11 days respond to the remedy “in a few minutes”? This is what makes homeopathy so remarkable and shows us the uniqueness of this method.


I had a client come to see me for osteopathic manipulation – she is a State Health Educator.  She had laryngitis, sore throat, but stated that she felt great.  She has been on a constitutional homeopathic remedy for a chronic illness.  So I decided to do nothing for her but the treatment manually that she needed for alignment.

   On the 4th day after I saw her, I woke up aching and hurting all over with a horrible headache and sinus congestion . I tried to dismiss it but by the evening I had developed a fever of 102, HR 122, Pulse oxygen saturation of 90 (normal is 99-100%).  I thought that I was a “goner” and reluctantly took Nux vomica 30 c 

   After 6 hours I was greatly improved. I took a 2nd dose and by the next day I was mostly comfortable and functional in the house (could not do hard chores outdoors like mucking out the barns . . . . so my husband did it.).

   I am just fine this week now.  Back out doing normal work in the gardens and with the animals.

   Report another 2 days later: “I still feel great.”

Note: not my client (Richard) but that of a medical colleague.