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Beatrice Shares More

I had thought over the significance of what Beatrice had said. It was very thought-provoking and of course led to more questions. I finally worked up the courage to contact her again.

Questioner: Hello Beatrice. I have been pondering our last conversations and have more qusestions that have come up. Do you have time?

Beatrice: Where I am there is no time, only the present moment. So go ahead.

Q. Why does this earth experience happen at all? You described how we are, in our activity, coming from the idea that we are separate beings and that this give us the seeming authority to do whatever we want.

B. It is like a game. From the springboard of consciousness we come into the playpen to have this time of play. A basic idea for this to happen in this way we are experiencing is the idea that we can be separate from one another. This is not really possible but we can play like it is. The downside is the making of mistakes, as I said before, of acting from what we perceive as our individual powers. Thinking we are separate we can dominate and use other forms of life.

Q. It does seem that way. I do feel separate.

B. Yes, it seems very real and it is expression of the action of consciousness which can present any experience. There are no limits. Nonetheless, the reality is oneness.

Q. Then why the playpen?

B. For the experience. What is important is that the “winning” of the game is the realization of this oneness. Then the game is over and the playpen is no longer desired.

Q. So what you described before about you, and other animals, volunteering to come in, is part of that process of learning?

B. Yes, and not the only part. Right now you are learning from my cousin, what you call a virus.

Q. You mean the epidemic we are having? How can that be related to what we are talking about?

B. It is another way of learning the lesson. My cousin, Vinnie (the virus), volunteers to come in knowing he will be greatly feared and hated. Nonetheless he courageously is willing.

Q. Why would he come at all? I don’t get it.

B. As I said, another lesson. Remember we discussed, in our prior conversation, “the world experience is how we collectively decide it is going to be. As we all live this we take actions every day and these actions, which are the outcome of our thoughts — our beliefs, our conclusions — result in how the world is going to be for us all.” Vinnie’s job is another example of how we have acted collectively.

Q. But what could it be expressing? What collective decision?

B. When we talked about me becoming a hamburger, I used the example of our feeling separate and assuming the power or authority that resulted in how I and the others were treated. That assumption of power then manifested as the same psychological action between people — some thinking they are more powerful and then can do whatever to the lesser of them.
In the same way, Vinnie coming out is the expression of an underlying psychological stance we have all agreed to.

Q. What could it possibly be?

B. Think about the experience of encountering Vinnie. isn’t there a tremendous fear and the possiblity of serious injury?

Q. Yes, it is very fearful, and many people suffer or even die.

B. So if, as suggested above, Vinnie is acting out a collective psychological decision, what decision could that be?

Q. I have no idea.

B. The appearance of Vinnie and all the fear and injury that happens is an expression of our collective decision to dislike and judge each other. Once there is the assumed separation, then what you see as separate from you can be evaluated in one way or another. At this point in our playpen experience there is a very active and strong dislike of other people. That dislike, which can include a range of intensities, even to hatred, includes the desire that the judged person be chastised, punished, even removed. As we discussed before, any collective decision is taken by consciousness as a directive and acted out. The part that most people do not realize is that when consciousness puts this into our experience, it is not selective. It applies to all.

Q. WHAT! You are saying that this whole thing is just our dilike of each other? That is too weird.

B. Nonetheless, that is how it works. Whatever you experience is an outward expression of your consciousness.

Q. But I have all sorts of other thoughts that come up, not just judgment.

B. Consciousness is like a river. It flows through with all sorts of content that has been generated by all. There is no separation, it is one consciousness. When you become aware of some parat with either interest or liking it, or the opposite, resistance or dislike of it, then it stays with you and becomes part of your individuality. If you did not do that it would have no effect but the attachment is what activates it and asks consciousness to respond to it.

Q. Well if this is right, then there are a lot of people that dislike others.

B. Indeed. Just notice. It is especially obvious because amplilfied by Vinnie. The underlying judgment, dislike, anger, hatred, resentment, aversion is mow so much more out in the open.

Q. What is the point?

B. The point is, like for when I and others offer to be lessons by being eaten, Vinnie offering to do his work is a lesson in its particular way. It is an opportunity to understand the effects of disliking and judging each other. If that lesson is learned, and judgment were to end, then the world will be very much more beautiful.

Q. Whew! This is too much for me to handle. I am going to have to think about this. Thatnks for the discussion and I will get back to you if I have more questions.

B. You are quite welcome. I appreciate your willingness to even consider it.